Get Started With! Agility In A Bag


Introducing Agility In A Bag For Indoor Or Outdoor Usage

Great for anyone beginning Agility for fun or practice, with everything you need to get started in a convenient carrying bag. Do you want to challenge your dog's mind and body, get improoved coordination and strenghten muscles?

Agility for dogs is a great way for you and your pet to excersize and increase wellness for both.

This is a good choice for most size dogs, except the largest of breeds.

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  • You get the most of what you need in one bag
  • It is a great way to have fun or/and practice with your dog
  • This comes with easy assembly directions
  • This is not for larger breeds
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Product Overview

Practice or Fun, this is it! You have everything you need in a carrying bag to get started or try out Agility, indoor or outdoor and to a reasonable price. You can create an environment for you and your dog to grow a better relationship, and have fun doing so. Check it out right here!

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