Dog Seat Covers With Unique Design, & Full Car Protection!


Introducing Meadowlark Dog Seat Covers

The Meadowlark dog hammock gives the protection you want for both the pet and your car. It is tested with focus groups of dog lovers in over 100 different vehicle types. Your kids and pets should now be able to sit together when traveling where ever you want.

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  • You get full protection for doors, headrest and backseat
  • This is machine washable
  • Good customer service
  • It is easily installed
  • And, it is waterproof
  • There are some minor issues, as with most things but take a closer look

The Good Outweigh The Bad

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Product Overview

You should get full protection for your pet and your car, meaning -you can enjoy your travels even more. With High quality protection and good customer service, the choice should be easy. It gives a chance to get more out of your pet adventures and it doesn't cost you anything to check it out right here.

This product have a lot of good reviews, and even with some minor issues, this can be a great savior for the car.


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